Over The Top Miracle - VOD (Digital Access Only)


Are you tired of struggling with shot consistency and trying to gain leverage over your club? 

The mainstream advice of "lay-it-off" and "drop-it-under" might work for some elite golfers, but for many, it only leads to frustration and even career-ending injuries.

Christo Garcia, the man who swung as Ben Hogan on The Golf Channel, believes that the mainstream rejection of the over-the-top swing pattern was a grave mistake.

By studying the greatest swingers from the past like Sam Snead and Bobby Jones, Christo has developed a revolutionary approach to hitting the ball with power and accuracy.

The Over the Top Miracle Swing has already helped thousands of golfers play the best golf of their lives.

Are you ready to join them and experience the miracle for yourself?

Purchase Christo's in-depth tutorial video today and discover the secret to unlocking your full potential on the course.

This is not a DVD.