In the year 2010, an average golfer named Christo Garcia was fed up with his golf game.  After buying 7 different drivers, taking random lessons, and trying every tip he came across, nothing improved his game.  Finally, he decided to try something radical.  Christo decided abandon the modern swing and only study the classic swing of Ben Hogan, the greatest ball striker in the history of the game.  Finally, Christo learned to break 80 consistently, and has now broken par on multiple occasions.  Christo’s personal bests are 33 (3 under) for 9 holes, and 70 (2 under) for 18 holes.

The goal of My Swing Evolution is share the revolutionary techniques that Christo Garcia has learned to improve his game so dramatically.  Christo’s background as a martial arts champion, professional ballet dancer, and nationally certified personal trainer gives him a unique perspective on the study of the golf swing.  The conclusion Christo reached is that the free flowing classic swing is much easier for the average golfer to learn, and could be technically superior to the modern swing that dominates current swing theory.