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There is a general misconception when it comes to hitting the golf ball farther that many people don’t realize. Many folks believe that in order to make the ball go farther, they must exert greater amount of muscular effort. They try to swing with pure power. Therefore, you see golfers grunting, and flexing on the range as they try to hit the ball over the fence. Sweat drips off of their foreheads, random curses are muttered under their lips but they are no better off today than they were yesterday. The big problem that they face is they don’t realize speed is what they are really after, and greater muscular exertion will not help them to get there.In my opinion, the goal of the swing is to sling the club head around the center of gravity of the body, essentially putting the club head in orbit so that it is constantly accelerating until it reaches maximum speed through impact. In order to do this we must keep our bodies alert but relaxed.When you see a pitcher on the mound getting ready to throw a ball across home plate, you’ll see the arms hanging at the sides very loosely as the pitcher discusses what to throw with the catcher. The pitcher will have to create a full stretch with his arms and body in order to manufacture top speed. This is similar to what the golfer needs to do.

A couple of years ago, Tom Slagle (one of my subscribers from Tennessee), sent me a book that he wrote and a program for speed that worked wonders for me. The work is based around the concept that our fast twitch muscles are trained differently than our slow twitch muscles. Slow twitch muscles help us with control and are vital for moving heavy objects, whereas our fast twitch muscles create speed. Tom suggested I take the head off a club and attach a few golfballs to the shaft, so that it would be lighter than a golf club. I readily had a driver shaft with no head so I just started practicing with that for speed, along with a speed radar Tom had sent it. It was a little microwave radar that measures club head speed. From what I can tell, it measures a bit faster than Trackman, but it will still give you a reading that you can measure for a baseline so that you can start to develop speed and see where your gains are coming from. I, like many golfers, had a swing that I would use when I wanted to hit the ball far. I’d get bowed up and try and kill the ball. Much to my surprise, I didn’t swing any faster with this muscular swing. In fact,I swung a few miles an hour slower! I was less likely to hit the ball pure, and the club head was moving slower with my long drive swing. Wow. I would have never known. But, I learned that with a longer, looser swing I could get my speed up a few miles an hour higher.

I kept working on this speed program a couple of times a week and by my 31st day of training, I had gained 22 miles per hour of club head speed. I went from 109 mph on the Swing SpeedRadar to 131 mph! Hard to believe, right? I was flying the ball over 300 yards in the air,perhaps as far as 320. I hit some balls so far I couldn’t believe it! Even though I have not keptup with this pure speed program, I do revisit my radar to regularly check my speed. The lasttime I tried it I was able to swing at 124 mph. So, I’ve maintained a 15 mph increase over myold swing speed. Each mph on the radar translates roughly into 2.7 yards so I gained 40 yards of distance by learning how to swing for speed rather than power.

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  1. Hello Christo,
    Very interesting article. It remembers me the Paul Wilson’s principles. Turn your hips as fast as you can with loose arms. He uses also this kind of little speed radar in a youtube video to teach a student how to gain speed without much effort…

  2. I can truly testify to you my golfing friends that Christo is very very right about what I call the “stick drill.” I did this very drill following Christo’s instructions on his video. It only took a few weeks of doing it every day at lunch time to notice vast results. I had my wife do this drill as well and we both started hitting wedges and short irons into holes we hit mid irons into. My goal after 30 days was to hit one 300 yard drive per 18 holes. On my first try I did so three times in one round. Superb!!!! Let’s see how I do this year. The way to make that shaft without a club head move fast is by turning the body. The more you turn through the faster the stick will move. Same with a golf club. In fact I suggest you try to make it move fast with only your arms. You will see that that is impossible. The more you turn through the faster it goes. Superb drill and superb video Christo. I can’t thank you enough and I will watch all your videos and buy that book the Hogan Code when it comes out in paper.

  3. So, I have a Cobra Fly-Z driver and I removed the driver head and tried some under weight training with it. Almost hurt myself from swinging so fast with it. It felt so weird. Then I put the head back on my driver and it felt like I had a brick on the end of it. Did not care for this exercise, but I will try it a few more times.

  4. Cristo
    What was the key to swinging faster- just practice in trying to get the rod to travel faster.
    Did it translate immediately to the golf swing?
    What do you make of the fact that each arm individually can swing the shaft so much faster than both arms together?

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