FLAT CAT Putter Grip

Product Name

FLAT CAT Putter Grip


The FLAT CAT Putter Grip is a new putter grip available from Flatcatgolf.com. The design of the grip features 2 flat sides of the grip that when installed properly will match the putter face. That allows you to “feel” the face of the putter by having your hands on the grip mirror the putter face.

Here is a video from the company that helps better explain it.

They are available in Slim, Standard, Fat, Big Boy sizes



I do know how to install a putter grip, however I am in the middle of moving and have nothing to install it with. Luckily, our small town just got a Dick’s Sporting Goods Store, so I let the young fellow there install it for me for the low price of $2.99.

The installation of the FLAT CAT putter grip is very important. You want to have the grip installed correctly where the flat sides of the grip match the face of the putter.


The company made a video on how to install it as well…… See below….

First Thoughts

When my FLAT CAT putter grip arrived I was surprised at the overall quality. To be honest I was expecting something a little more “CHEAP” and “GIMMICKY”, but it does look and feel like the top putter grips available now on the market.

Final Thoughts

I completely understand the concept and the purpose of the grip, but the sides of the grip are FLAT. I have never held a grip that felt this way before and that is why it is a little a weird feeling for me.

It certainly took a while to get used to and I had to play around with my grip a little to find something that felt comfortable. I eventually found a grip (way of holding my hands) that I could use, but it still feels a little weird. Not a bad weird, but a different weird. I have always used a left hand low and there is nothing wrong with using this style of grip with the Flat Cat, but I had to tweak my fingers and hand placement to get it to feel comfortable.

I can’t say that I started draining every putt as soon as I put the grip on, but like most new things it takes a while to get used to. I will continue my stat tracking this year and see how it does. If I feel that it is hurting my game, this bad boy is getting cut off.

My putting average last year was 1.7 and I will continue to use this putter and see what happens this year. I’ll post an update sometime later this 2017 season.

SIDE NOTE: I was watching PGA Golf on TV yesterday and saw a close up of Justin Rose and he was using the Flat Cat Putter Grip. Not sure of the size, but looked to be the Standard version. So if someone had a little time, they could do some COLUMBO style research and see if his putting stats have improved from last year. (I don’t believe he had it last year, but I could be wrong.)

(UPDATE Feb 19, 2017: I was watching PGA Golf on Tv today and saw Justin Rose was using his Flat Cat Putter Grip. However, he has his grip placed at a 90* turn from what I would call a “normal installation”. Instead of having the sides of the grip flat, he has the front and the back of his grip flat. So if you review the 1st picture below, you will see that the green sides of the grip are the flat sides. Justin Rose has his grip where the green would be on the top and the bottom. I should also point out that he was using a “Claw Grip” and I can see how this grip would be great for that. )


Ok, I hate to say it…..but THIS THING HAD TO GO! I had planned on using this grip throughout this 2017 golf season, but I couldn’t find any hand position with this grip that didn’t feel horrible. It felt loose in my hands, no matter what I did.

I went out and played 2 rounds with the grip and it never felt comfortable in my hands and I never felt confident over any putt. That was enough to make me remove the grip.  It has now been replaced with a SuperStroke 2.0 Flatso. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet on the course, but it certainly feels better than the FLAT CAT.

Once I had it removed, I showed the grip to my cousin and asked him if he wanted to try it out on his putter. He’s response was…”No Thanks. My hands are round.” I believe this is the exact reason that this grip doesn’t feel good in my hands.