My Driving Evolution


What I learned from My Driving Evolution was profound, shocking really.  I picked up dozens of extra yards off the tee and I’m hitting the ball straighter!  I learned a lot about my swing, too.  I gained a total of 16 mph of club head speed in one month of training, in only one session a week.  That’s a potential distance gain of 43.2 yards, estimating 1 mph = 2.7 yards. 

This is a path I’d gone down before but once I did, it was kind of “been there, done that.”  This time around it was with a much more mature swing, and I attained a greater mastery over the golf ball with sound mechanics backing me up!  I am convinced this needs to become a standard part of my golf training, even if I do it only a couple of times a month.  Swinging my Speed Shaft is also something I can incorporate every time I warm up.  Speed gains will disappear if you do not maintain them for sure.  I am convinced I was leaving at least a couple of dozen yards off the tee in my bag.

The first thing that sticks out to me is the fact that I hit the ball straighter.  I’ve never looked at driving the ball this way, but the practice refined my technique and improved all of my launch characteristics across the board.  My spin numbers are down, my angle of attack is up, and my smash factor is maxed out for the first time in my life.  I think it has to do with the understanding of where I need to be in relation to the ball at impact. 

For most of my life I tried to hit the ball in front of me – in front of my chest, in front of my belt buckle, etc.  This is flat out wrong.  I got better when I started to hit the ball off to the side of me.  But, today I almost want to feel like I’m behind the ball.  I say almost because I guess it’s physically impossible to do but that’s what it feels like and as I said my numbers are better across the board!  By feeling like I’m behind the ball it seems like my club face is square longer.  When you see a pro like Dustin Johnson hit a ball it just seems like it’s going long and straight.  If you are hitting the ball in front of you, the face of your club will be flipping too fast to hit it straight consistently. 

The second thing that I’m shocked about is how little it takes to “wake up” your fast-twitch muscles.  I can’t really say if that’s what’s happening physically, but that’s what it feels like when you start training for speed.  Something just wakes up inside of you!  Swinging for speed is a different feeling. And, when you do it right your numbers will jump and your eyes will pop out of your head. 

Whenever I do this work I reach a speed plateau with my driver and then I break out the Speed Shaft and I pick up mad numbers and tons of extra yardage.  And, it happens the next week and so on.  My training took an unexpected turn right in the middle of my production, but I hung in there.  You’ll see that having a goal in mind can be a very powerful thing to focus on. 

Just the act of hitting the ball with all the speed you can muster will teach you about your swing mechanics.  Having something to tell you if you are swinging faster or slower is extremely useful because you simply do not know with out it.  I am always dumbfounded when I think I’m going to bow up and smash one only to find out that I was actually swinging slower.  Pure muscular effort slows you down.  Efficiency and relaxation is what speeds you up.