• Dan Bouza posted an update 4 months ago

    Listen, I just finished watching Mr.Hogan and I have never felt so attuned to something like a film or documentary or even a great movie. CHRISTO!!!!!!! I found you by accident when looking for a way to learn a golf swing because i just restarted playing again at 57 so like you after three years of 120’s 100’s 99’s ( alot of 99’s lol) I shot a round of 18 of 83. Thanks mainly to your video’s and yes I have the Hogan code and practiced and practiced and practiced. So Mr. Hogans swing is learn-able. Okay, back to your film, OUTSTANDING the insight and Mr. Hogans life is more like closure to me because you let me feel that I have done the right thing to relearning this great game. Thanks again and Happy Holidays.