• For me this is a very important factor, as is clear with Mr Hogan it has to be absolutely planted and pivoted around in order to create torque required for power.

    Can’t wait to play again.

  • Lee posted an update in the group Group logo of Manchester,UK.Manchester,UK. 2 years, 2 months ago

    Was told about myswingevolution last year just before the cold and wet set in and I have taken a LOT from it.

    My ball striking has improved 200% and I cannot wait for the summer to start.

    Spring is here but its still a little wet and most of the courses are closed due to standing water and the ones that are open have difficult…[Read more]

    • Hello lee a fellow UK fan of myswingevo. nice to see your ball striking had improved well done dude. i’ve been playing for about 3years now and at 1 point i was down to 10.9 and at the mo i don’t no what im doing its like ive never played before its getting to the point i just want to quit… i had a lesson and i’m getting stuck flat swing and…[Read more]

      • Hi Ian,

        I haven’t bought the video just watched the videos available on you tube over and over.

        I also practice a lot but only for short spells at a time.

        I also think it’s vital that you video EVERY session, try to download a slow motion swing app to your phone then you can see what’s happening in slow motion.

        The main thing I can feel…[Read more]

        • hi new member from Derby, i noted your you tube channel picks which are very good,
          you might want to have a look at Dan whittaker, he is heavily influenced by Hogan and i’ve seen some very interesting vids on his channel

          cheers Ian