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Ben Hogan Apex PC irons

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    Hi Everybody,
    I took a leap of faith last week and purchase my very first Ben Hogan clubs. As recommended by Christo, I searched high and low and finally found a 1987 Apex PC set (2 – E) for just under £100 and still in very good condition. I played my first round on Thursday and all I can say is: OMG, what lovely clubs!!!! I first were a little bit intimidated as I was a “blade” virgin but that soon changed. I was hitting them sweetly and I could not believe the ball flight and sound. What a lovely sight to see. Each player of my 4-ball all had only good things to say and one of them had a go and is no actively also looking for a set.

    So, my real reason for the topic is all about the lofts for these clubs as I am without a doubt making them my permanent set. Now, I tried to look on the net but I`m struggling to find the specifications for these supreme clubs as I want to complete my set by investing in Additional Ben Hogan x2 gap & sand wedges.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated and apologies if I`m just not trying hard enough to find them via google.

    As always, peace to all and happy golfing.


    Joel Otten

    You should be able to take them to a club fitter and they can tell you your lofts,lie angles, and much more.

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