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    Wow wow wow game changer!

    Currently play off 7.5 and after watching this video I have been inspired, truly inspired.

    If I can be off 7.5 playing like I do, after watching The Hogan Code I can’t see why I can’t be even lower by the end of the season.

    A lot of work ahead, but I’ve seen the light and every detail Christo describes makes sense and so easy to understand.

    Thank you Christo


    Christo Garcia

    You will be able to do it. I’m positive. Just start with the lower body and get that going and the rest will be easier to implement. Good luck!


    D W

    Great job on the Hogan Code Video Christo. Can’t wait to get to the range (2 days of rain has put a damper on my plans ?)

    I have bookmarked the times on the video in case anyone is using the video at the range and wants to skip to a certain topic. Your story could be my story. Yips, flipping etc. You’ve given me hope that improvement is still possible.

    Hogan Code Bookmarks

    21:20 Main Points
    22:53 Lengthen Swing
    28:25 Lower Body First
    29:54 Power Sources
    30:58 The Sequence
    32:41 The Grip
    40:47 The Stance
    44:25 The Takeaway
    49:35 Wrist Cock
    51:50 Post Pivot Backswing
    54:00 Weight Shift
    1:04:35 Running At The Ball
    1:06:51 The Push Pull
    1:08:03 The Wheelhouse
    1:18:50 Half Swings
    1:20:52 Over/Under
    1:21:53 Squeeze Pivot
    1:26:51 Flat Front Foot
    1:32:20 Supination


    Tom C

    Thanks DW for the bookmarked times, that’ll help when going back through it. I had the worse case of “yips” that I’ve experienced in a while now last weekend. Good grief!!! It’s tough getting up to the tee box and have no clue where it’s going to go. When I think I am “holding it off” somewhat I actually hit a massive duck hook, it’s so confusing and frustrating. Watching this video again at least gives me some hope that that can eventually change.


    D W

    Hey Tom I had them with the putter, driver and chipping. All I can suggest is to try to keep your anxiety level down (I try to think about a gauge going gown to a 1 or 2 before I pull the trigger). Thankfully I can say I don’t yip with the driver or putter anymore but still have the odd one while chipping. Focussing on the changes in the Hogan Code should give your mind something else to focus on (process not outcome).

    Lastly, when all else fails just remember it is just one golf shot and it’s really insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Good luck.



    Thank you for the times. I did the same thing!

    I’ve noticed that starting the lower half of my body has been a struggle since I’ve been doing everything from above the waist.

    I’ve had a Eureka moment about the Shangri- la transition – it puts my hands into the correct supination. “Hammer” I feel like I’m swing a hammer on the way down after the Hogan Roll.

    This I believe will help me with up and down of the club instead of it going around the body as I use to believe until I watched the code.


    D W

    I agree. The concepts of shangri-la and the push-pull have mad a big difference for me. I have struggled with flipping the club for 30 years and am still fighting it but I feel like I am close to conquering it. Handicap dropped from 4 to 2.5 since I bought the video. Lowest it’s ever been.

    Now I’m just waiting for Christo to make a putting video… ?


    Christo Garcia

    Hahaha, DW! I am actually hoping you’ll make a putting video so I can figure out what I’m doing wrong!


    D W

    That would be the blind leading the blind. ?

    Thanks again for the Hogan Code. I think it’s one of the best instructional videos I’ve seen. Once I get rid of this flip once and for all, there’s no stopping me…. Except for the aforementioned putting thing…


    D W

    Christo what can you suggest to concentrate on to stop flipping the club through impact? Is the throwing action the key to getting the right arm in the correct position?


    Christo Garcia

    It has a lot to do with the Superlock grip. If the grip is across the left palm, you can drag the handle through impact without it flipping.



    Hi gang,

    Is there still a “Coupon Code” for Christo’s video?

    The Hawk


    Christo Garcia

    Hey MRD. Here’s the coupon code for The Hogan Code. 10$thc



    Hi Christo,

    Thank you! The coupon code didn’t work (is it just for the download?), but I ordered it nonetheless. Looking forward to receiving it!



    Christo Garcia

    Hi MRD! I thought the code was working because my webmaster checked it. Sorry about that. I really think you will enjoy it and I’m very thankful you are giving it a try. Cheers!

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