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    Frank B


    I’ve been following your evolution for a few years now through YouTube, and I finally bought the Hogan Code a few weeks ago. I travel overseas a lot for work, so my swing evolution has been limited to range sessions with the goal of finally building a reliable swing that I can confidently take to the golf course. As a fellow tinkerer at heart, I must say I really enjoy how you’ve experimented and persevered to build your own swing.

    It’s funny how I seem to pick up a little tidbit from the range when I’m concentrating on employing a concept from your teachings. For example, I was focused on drilling in a low/left release yesterday because I found that it significantly improved compression and surprisingly my accuracy, but I just couldn’t figure out why. After taking a few slow motion swings I was pleasantly surprised to find that my left arm stayed connected to my body in much better fashion when I focused on releasing low/left. I’ve been bothered by a left arm chicken wing for a long time, and to find a correlation and a fix was unbelievably satisfying.

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you’ve put into the website, DVDs, and your YouTube channel. They’ve inspired me to keep tinkering and improving.

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