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    I’ve been working hard on my swing evolution a little over a year now. I started with the Five Fundamentals and continued studying the Hogan swing the with your videos and The Hogan Code. I feel I have made some progress in my ball striking, but I am still miles apart from flushing the ball the way I want to; hence, feeling stuck on my evolution.

    Here is a short clip from my last range session. It seems like the right side of my body gets a little crushed over the left shoulder at impact, and I am not being able to produce any shaft spring.

    My swing thoughts are: keeping the right elbow close to my back in the backswing, starting the downswing with my lower body and do the push/pull at impact. I will appreciate any feedback that could help me continue with my swing evolution.





    Christo Garcia

    Hey Marcos! If you’ll notice at impact, your hips are still facing the ball. It was a major part of my swing evolution to get the lower body moving first. Keep your knees soft and feel them move towards the target on the downswing. This will help get your hips moving. You have to trust the feeling that you are going to hit the ball to the side of you (like baseball), not in front of you. I hope this helps! Cheers!


    Joe Barnes

    Hey Marcos, my names Joe. I’ve recently joined the forum but followed MSE around a year or so. I struggle with hitting the ball in front of myself as well. I’ve found its from being ball bound or hitting instead of swinging. None of us will get side on like Hogan but more side on can be achieved. I’ve found trying to keep my right elbow behind my mid line (front-back) and pushing it around in feel (pushing the club from side to side) right leg, right pinky.



    Hello fellows,

    Thanks for both of your comments, I think they really made a huge difference! Thinking about swinging instead of hitting the ball, coupled with Christo’s comment on trusting to hit the ball on the side, really clicked on me!

    Here’s a new video of my last range session after applying your comments. You can definitely see more lower body movement towards the target, as well as a little bit of shaft spring.

    I’ll continue working on hard on it. Very thankful ?? for your advice. Cheers!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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