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    Greetings, so I watched Cristo’s instructional video a few months back and have slowly been testing some of the stuff out. Having read Hogan’s five fundamentals over 10 years ago, and letting that pretty much be the foundation of my swing to this day, I still (ironically) have the exact same question I’ve had since I began my journey. Cristo’s instructional dvd did give me some a-ha moments, but then gave me moments where I was once again unsure. The question I have is in regards to the role of the wrists and hands through the impact zone. For me, there are two ways I can hit the ball and I can do them both well enough that I don’t know which one is the correct way in the long term.

    In Cristo’s video, he mentions the push pull. The way I interpret this is you are applying force with your hands and wrists, like scooping (extension/flexion). However, unlike scooping where you prematurely scoop and hit up on the ball, with the push pull you are timing the scoop so that the scooping action occurs with forward shaft lean through ball so that you are catching it on the way down and then the scoop action completes (right wrist released/straightened) through the ball. By maintaining foward shaft lean two rules are obeyed. Your left wrist becomes bowed at impact and your right wrist at impact is still cocked back with tension ready to release through the ball as mentioned in the video. With this type of release, your wrists do not flip and the clubhead gradually turns over as you complete your follow through. The toe is probably pointing 12 o’clock or so when the shaft is pointing straight down the line, unlike a flip where the toe would be pointing left somewhere. If this is the way Cristo’s hitting the ball, I am confused because he mentions supination and I always felt that supination was just the rolling of the wrist (right over left). Also, with this type of swing, it feels like you are swinging the clubhead out and then having it come back in, which Cristo states is not how we’re going to swing the golf club.

    Which leads me to the 2nd type of release through the impact zone. This follows the part where Cristo says the club is going to fall straight into the ground and not go out and around and back in. So what I do, is I swing the clubhead down and to the left into the ground like Cristo does in the video and then I bow my left wrist at the last second through impact. Unlike the first swing, there’s is no push pull because my hands are pretty inactive, as Cristo also mentioned throughout his video (they should go along for the ride).

    The first swing, I feel pressure between the pincher (index finger / thumb) as I’m applying that scooping force (but with forward shaft lean and tension in right wrists as its releasing through impact). The 2nd swing, no pressure in that pincher point in right hand. The pressure is felt more in the cocked wrists as the pressure of the clubhead and shaft as I swing down narrow the angle between the shaft and my left wrist. Then this pressure is released as I roll my left wrist into a bowed position right at impact.

    I’m stumped. I don’t know if I described this with clarity or not, but these are two very different swings that I do and a lot of the stuff in Cristo’s video supports the case of obe swing being correct, but then he says something else that supports the other. Sorry for the wordiness, no other way to describe my swing thoughts.



    I should also mention that the left wrist cups after impact in the follow through for the first type if release, and for the second type of release the left wrist remains bowed until I’m near the top of my follow through. Thanks



    Ah, nevermind. Push/pull and then supinate is the way to hit it. Works like a charm once you grasp it. What I started off doing was just push/pull the handle and then turn open my shoulders when whipping through the ball to square the face, but this is where the supination comes into play. Supination allows you to square the face without having to open your shoulders so much through impact. Good stuff

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