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    Really struggling with the push/pull concept in the video. When exactly do you think about / actively execute the push/pull? It seems that doing this in the downswing is counter to just letting your hands hang on as your body pivots? I tried this on the range and felt like I was trying to manipulate the downswing with my hands.

    Anyone else figured this out?



    CM,I too was struggling at first with it on the range and then it occured to me that it was a timing / sequencing issue. Try this sequence slowly until you can put it all together into one movement.
    1. Rotate your left knee open just before you set your wrists at the top of your backswing
    2. Hogan roll the handle with both hands while pulling the handle down with your left hand as close as you can to your right knee while pushing down with your right hand. You will feel like you are going to hit your knee but trust me, you wont.
    3.) Make sure to think about rolling your right forearm over your left forearm in the follow through after you hit the ball as you pull your left shoulder back. This will ensure the club face stays square through impact and prevent you from shanking one to the right. If you don’t do this you will hit a more fades than not and a few slices and wonder what the hell is going on.

    Once I figure this out, I swear I am am hitting 150-160yrd 9 irons. I am playing Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro’s with apex 5 riffled shafts.

    Just remember that if you get into a rut while on the range, step back, follow the fundamentals step by step slowly so that you can create and develop the muscle memory correctly.

    Good Luck!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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