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    Big Willi Style

    For the longest time, decking a 3 wood has always been a pain in the neck for me. I have worked for years trying to get this club under control and be able to get a ball off the ground and help open my game up. It was always this heaving action at the ball and hope something good happens. I would work a long time at it and feel like all I was doing was always topping the ball, coming over, early releasing, you name it.

    A big tip has finally helped. It is to keep the club face staring at the ball for as long as possible in the backswing. I think Christo used the Nicklaus tip of keeping the right arm above the left. I was very open, and had to do a very athletic timing thing just to have a chance at it.

    The closed backswing sets me up so that I can’t help but begin the transition from the ground up. Otherwise, it’s a dead left shot, or hooded, or something else that could hurt myself. As a drill, I would just hit half swings with a 9 iron or a wedge and focus on that closed position, then getting on the left heel to start the downswing. I couldn’t believe how well it worked with the 3 wood also. A pure ball flight, great sound off the face, and a nice climbing the ladder flight.

    So it has been so much fun to practice short game after work for a while and just play a few holes, drop the ball on the tee box and hit a 3 wood to a short iron in. Very relaxing. I just hope I can keep it up.

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