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    Andy K

    What I know I’m doing wrong:

    – Downswing too steep
    – Spine angle changes slightly during the swing (increases w.r.t the ground)

    What I don’t know how to fix:

    – Shallow the swing. Should I:
    — Keep my hands back more (hand path wrong?)
    — Lay off the club at the top
    — Roll my wrists (i.e. suppinate my left wrist while increasing the right wrist break)
    — Externally rotate my right arm so the club is shallowed
    — Do all of the above


    Joel Otten

    Thanks for uploading your videos. I just took a quick look now, but I’ll try and review it more later. Take a look at the top video at time 1:05. That should be the hand position at impact at the ball. This means that you are losing your angle too early (lag). This will cause some inconsistent hits and a lose of distance. I’ll let you know more later. Happy Hitting!


    Andy K

    Thanks for the feedback! I see what you mean about my hand position at impact. I’ve been trying to get the the left knuckles pointing down and left wrist supinated at impact (by doing the Hogan Roll and maintaining wrist angles through impact). That also shallows the downswing, and I wonder if that’s the primary reason my downswing is too steep — but I’ll let you weigh in more.


    Bryan Schmidt

    Try rotating more to the left while rolling your left hand underneath and “covering” it with your right. You are releasing a little early and flipping at the bottom. I wouldnt concentrate so much on the roll per say but more of the impact position and releasing the club more with your shoulders than your hands. Looks really good though!


    Andy K

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m having a super hard time flattening my swing. My club’s steepening even on quarter swings and I just can’t understand why. Unless I stall my hips the club just wants to throw itself to the out. UGGH.


    Christo Garcia

    Your swing looks pretty good, and I see what you see. Here’s what I recommend that will fix a lot of ills. The left side length from your left hip to your left shoulder through impact needs to be increased. Right now it’s collapsed a bit. You are clearing your hips fine, and you have lateral side bend but since your left side is not fully stretched out it causes your problems.

    Here’s how to feel what I’m talking about. Sit straight up in a chair and lift your left shoulder as far up and away from your left hip as possible. Don’t think about crunching the right side, think about lengthening the left side and that will get you on your way.


    Andy K

    Thanks for the feedback. I tried the chair thing you mentioned. Did you mean I should shrug the left shoulder up? Because if I do, the club goes with it and the only way I can get it back on the ground is to increase my LSB. Does that sound right? Is there a video where you talk about this?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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