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    Finding this tough to do without losing control, timing or smoothness of the swing.

    I don’t know which one or maybe it’s all three!
    What I do know though, that it’s an important part of the process.

    When i do put a good right arm on it, it has so much smash factor.


    57 Staff

    Look at where you are accelerating the club. From the top it all ends as a train wreck. If you feel like you don’t put on the gas until post impact things happen much better.

    Good drill is to take a tee marker and right from your setup try to push it away with your pivot without any backswing.


    Christo Garcia

    I try and not throw to early. If I get the feeling that I’m throwing the club head like a ball, I wait until my hips are just about to clear and I throw. That gives me that nice thump at the bottom. I threw too early for years (the hit impulse).



    Consider firming up your grip pressure with both hands to 80% of maximum. It’s more than you might think. Also consider that fulcrum point as Christo explains as being between your hands (a la baseball bat swing). I had amazing progress yesterday pressing down on the shaft with my right forefingers, especially middle finger and base of index finger – not the tip – while simultaneously pulling up with the pinky finger and left hand grip. Once you get the grip pressure firm enough, it’s a matter of timing. Yesterday at the range I got, for the first time in my life, the sense of, as Christo says on one of his videos, really hitting the ball with some pop. After hitting it so well, I felt fairly disgusted with the thought that I’ve been flipping at the ball since I first took up the game at age 10 – that’s 42 years of flipping, and the ball going everywhere, missing it on the toe, etc. Can’t wait to film myself to see if I have more forward shaft lean. I’ll bet yes (based upon the penetrating ball flight). Finally I understand why Hogan said he wished he had three right hands. Thanks again Christo.



    This is a pitching video I have watched for several years that I associate very closely with Hogan’s swing, specifically what his right arm is doing. After his weight is on his left foot, he twists very hard with his right elbow leading his hand. The momentum of the baseball or golf club is released when the hand finally catches up. The action starts around :45 –


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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